list challenge

1.) Do you know how your parents picked your name?

i actually don't know how my parents picked my name. i wish it would have been something cooler and unique lol.

2.) Do you have any article of clothing that has a lot of memories attached to it?
umm i had an anklet that my cousin made out of some type of string. does that count as an article of clothing? anyway she made it for me when i was pregnant with my first baby. long story short i lost my baby and thats one thing i had during the whole thing. well several months later my then boyfriend now husband, stepped on my toe really hard and i swore he broke it. when i went to get my x-ray they had to cut my anklet which i started crying hysterically while the guy stared at me wondering why i was so broken up about him cutting it off me. hubby didnt break my toe he severly bruised it and it had to be in a boot. lame lol.

3.) When you’ve had a terrible day, how do you deal with it?
depends on how terrible. ive been through wa too many terrible days and usually they all end up in me bawling my eyes out like there is no tomorrow.

4.) How are you similar to and different from the majority of blogger users?
well one thing i hopped on the blogger bandwagon. it started out as just something to do and now its still something to do and share lol. different hmmm i guess just because its from my life.

5.) What are some little things that make you feel warm and fuzzy?
during the fall/winter season i break out the mugs hot tea or hot chocolate. what keeps me warm. and i just bought a snuggie awhile back and that keeps me warm and fuzzy lol.

6.) What would your dream house/apartment/castle/tree house/loft/bungalow/etc. look like?
dream house .....oh how i wish it were true.... my dream house would be about 4-5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, with a huge kitchen, a den for our kids to play, a large living room, a big back yard, a garage for two, an outside back patio, a pool would be nice but not necessary, ac, one of those master showers like in that commercial where the installer sings and takes a shower with all the stuff shooting water out at him.

7.) What are some of your pet peeves?
when the hubby takes out just the trash in the kitchen and forgets the pizza box on the oven lol. happened this morning. how some people eat or when people eat certain things like pickles or ice pops. dumb drivers! miss or mr know-it-alls ugh! chewing on your fingers. being loud and obnoxious. i think the list can go on. ha ha

8.) Who makes you happier than anyone else?
my husband and my kids. though they can drive me completely insane and i lose hair lol they make me happy. even if im not having a great day one of them if not all can make me smile. && my mom she is my world as well, even though i dont agree with her all the time and vice versa.

9.) What was the worst thing to happen to you in middle school?
hmm middle school uhh almost getting into a fight and getting detention for it. i had never gotten in trouble and i was pretty much a good girl so i was bummed it was on my record. dun dun dun

10.) What movie or book reminds you most of your childhood?
hmm very good question im not sure but i do know i so hope that "because i said so" is the kind of relationship i will have with my kids. plus i LOVE that movie btw.

11.) What is the community you live in like?
our actual community is quiet and not many people are very friendly. its military and most wives dog you like no ones business.

12.) What is something you believe very strongly in?
i have a lot of issues i feel strongly about. for example ....cheating do NOT get married if you are going to be cheating on your spouse. do people make mistakes YES and you can learn from them too and be forgiven but if you are an ass and just keep repeating it then a huge SCREW YOU is in order. another is lying uh if you feel it in your gut the person is lying 99.9% they are.

13.) What’s your favorite season and why? If you don’t have distinct seasons where you live, does it bother you?
i LOVE fall and winter!! everything about it the way it smells, the cold weather and the ability to layer up to stay warm instead of summer where you can have very little and still be effin HOT.I wish we had snow here in our area but then again rain here causes so many car accident i dont think snow would be a good thing.

14.) Is there a band that you have loved for a long time? How long and why?
paramore because a lot of their songs i have gone through at one time or another.

15.) What will your future be like if it all went the way you wanted it to versus how it will probably turn out, logically?
if it goes the way i want it to we will be millionaires, have our own house and cars we wanted. be set for our kids college and live happily and comfortably without worrying about money bills and other normal problems that come with life. it will most likely turn out like everyone else. bills jobs bills money bills bills lol you know the norm.

well that was a fun blog hope you enjoyed reading it.

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  1. 1.(Kristenalynne) Chris is my cousin, Tena is my aunt, and Lynne is my other aunts middle name.

    2.The dress I wore at my wedding :) I got it when I was a Freshmen, and need a dress in less than 24hr for my wedding, and that one was perfect!

    3.I clean my house when I am in a bad mood.

    4.I have never blogged before! lol

    5.I love it when my husband and daughter curl up on the sofa together.

    6.I want a one story, with 5 bedrooms and 3baths, and a huge kitchen! I want it in the country with land!

    7.Teeth scraping on silverware, blowing noses anywhere but the bathroom.

    8.My niece, hubby, and baby girl!

    9.Don't know :/

    10.Um... I cannot think of a movie

    11.I like where we live now, but I prefer to live in the country.

    12.I believe that karma is bitch

    13.I love fall and spring!

    14.I love Tim Mcgraw

    15.I would like to have finish college, get a good job, and just love life