a piece of him/her at home

here are some ideas to keep a bit of daddy back home even though he really isnt there in person.

Build-a-bear - pick your furry animal have it stuffed clothe it and you can even add a recordable sound to it say like your service members voice saying i love you

Hallmark recordable storybooks - cuddle up with your kiddos or just you to a recordable book your service member recorded. the books are listed below...

the night before christmas
frosty the snowman
the very first christmas
all the ways i love you
my little princess
twinkle twinkle little star
bright and beautiful
guess how much i love you
counting kisses (available in november)
on the night you were born
i love you grandma
my grandpa and me
we're not scared of anything
hey diddle diddle
thank you god for everything

hug a hero - this one is great. there are daddy dolls which are made using a picture of the service member for the kiddos to carry, or wifey fiance gf lol. they also came up with hug a honey for the service member to have his wife near by lol. they also carry "big" daddyor momma, original daddy, dog tags, photo pillows and pillow cases, animals and shirts, "mugs" and stuff, tag blankets, gift certificates, and voice recorders.

video record your service member reading a book to your child(ren)

custom pillows - silent ranks shop on cafe press can customize shirts pillows totes journals to help keep a piece of your service member home

I Love My Sailor Penguin Styl Throw Pillow

Military photo blankets - have your service member keep you warm even when he/she is not home

you can also make a photo collage in your kids room so they can see daddy. or in the living room.

those are some ways to keep a bit of your service member home

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  1. They also have guess how much I miss you. My mom just bought it for our unborn son since my hubby deploys when he will be 3months old.

    Love this blog!!