cake in a jar

i know sometimes you would like to send something other than cookies to your service member, or maybe it's your service members birthday or any special occasion. send them a cake in a jar.

Here's how to make them:

Get wide-mouth canning jars. You can find them at Walmart, other stores, or online. Boil the jars to sterilize.

1 package of cake mix or any cake recipe

1. Make the cake batter according to the instructions or recipe

2. Grease the jar by liberally spraying the inside with cooking spray

3. Fill jar no more than 1/2 way with batter

4. Place jars on cookie sheet on rack in the oven. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean @ 400 degrees

5. While baking, boil jar lids in a pan of water

6. When cake is done, take on jar out at a time and cover with hot lid. Screw on jar ring tightening it slightly

7. The lid will seal as it cools. Listen to hear the "ping" as they seal.

8. As the cake cools, it will pull away frm the jar slightly. That's ok, it just means that it will slide out of the jar easily.

9. DO NOT FROST cake in the jar! Send frosting along.

10. Make sure you wrap the jars well (bubble wrap is preferrable, but wadded newspaper or clothing and other items will pad it too)

Don't forget to include a couple of plastic knives for the frosting and some plastic forks.

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  1. I did this for the husband while he was deployed, it was a big hit!