thanksgiving weekend

hey all turkey day just passed amd heres the quick look back on what we did. the parentals came into town ,oh so happy, and we just kinda relaxed since they did have a long drive. just got some mexican food to eat and wait on hubby to get home from work. then thanks to the parentals they watched the kiddos and we had a date night!! harry potter deathly hallows part 1 was AMAZING! if you havent seen it go see it it was awesome. then a quick stop at my new fave place barnes and noble and home sweet home.

turkey day kinda sucked. even with the parentals in town it just wasnt the same. hubby was working all day and we didnt have family here. even the turkey wasnt the same. i took the parentals to the ship to see the thing that loves stealing my hubs so dang much. driving around after and then rented movies.

black friday! our first black friday where we actually went out to shop. i dont think we did it right though since it was about 10 am once we left the house and all the stuff was gone and not many things were on sale. blah so bought a few things here and there and back home. got everyone ready and left for lunch and lots of driving around. ended up in la jolla cove where it is so pretty. then left to a cupcake place since one id never been to one and had been wanting to so bad. so we went to cups. though it had a nice concept i have to say my cupcake was the worst! it made me sick but maybe it was just mine. hubby says his was ok and little one eats almost anything lol.

what we ordered:
yummy cupcake
chocolate milk $2 (little ones)

yummy cupcake
minty wonderland $4 (mine)

yummy cupcake
vanilla vixen $4 (hubbys)

hot chocolate - expresso - chai tea - chocolate milk

not sure how much the drinks were but everything came out to 25.00 YIKES!

if we go there again it will be just for this cute gear they have lol.

sat and sunday extreamly boring ha ha.

so that was our holiday weekend in a quick nutshell.

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