hobby turned passion

so ive always had a camera glued to my hand whether it be the old school disposable camera, or when i upgraded with film, phone cam or my many other different cameras. i have a box full of pictures since who knows when and a hard drive filled with thousands of pictures. being a military wife we all know our husbands miss a great deal of things. more so when kids are involved and deployments come around and holidays are missed birthdays births you name it. to me pictures are great you can always go back and see how much things have changed, or take a look back at that special moment. so ive finally taken the step to capture not only mine but others as well. im slowly (very slowly) trying to build my portfolio. i so hope that i can start building it faster but we shall see its up to everyone to book a shoot. in the meantime i will be snapping away with my kids and things around me practicing when i can, and stealing my friends and their kiddos so i can capture them on cam.
interested san diego only http://www.bellalissaphotography.com/
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  1. hey chick... so im totally jealous that you have a hobby turned into something EVEN more!! awesome!! and you're keeping a blog! FREAKING AWESOME!! :-)

  2. lol well its still starting out i hope it turns into something big like a part time job lol. yes get on my blog wagon!