30 day quote challenge

30 day quote challenge

Day 01- favorite quote

Day 02- a quote about love

Day 03- a quote about friendship

Day 04- a quote about family

Day 05- a quote about the future

Day 06- a quote about life

Day07- an inspirational quote

Day 08- quote from an actor

Day 09- quote from an actress

Day 10- quote from a solo artist

Day 11- quote from a band member

Day 12- a quote about fashion/style

Day 13- quote from a book

Day 14- quote from favorite author

Day 15- quote from a movie

Day 16- quote from a tv show

Day 17- quote your favorite lyrics

Day 18- an anonymous quote

Day 19- quote from a headstrong female

Day 20- quote you would write on your bedroom wall

Day 21- quote you would want inscribed in your wedding ring

Day22- quote that reminds you of someone

Day 23- favorite Disney movie quote

Day 24- quote that makes you smile

Day 25- quote that reminds you of sadness

Day 26- quote you’d want on a tshirt

Day 27- quote that describes you

Day 28- a quote you made up

Day 29- the first quote you saw today

Day 30- whatever quote you like


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