amature baking lol

Picture Credit: Kawaii Minis

Very amaturish I think but my first truffles were very good. Minus the fact they were wayyyy to choclatey for me. I need to practice more on cupcakes. Those were frosted with random tips I had before I actually went and bought some tips. The cupcakes were cherry chip with dyed uhh can't remember buttercream or cream cheese.

pictures credit: kawaii minis

These two above were my FIRST paying baked goodies!!! I was so nervous since I'd never made the hello kitty before. I thought they looked well not as good as I wished they did. On top of that I had to ship them!! After they had been shipped I kept praying they would get there in time, they'd taste good, and they didnt fall apart. She called me to tell me one, that her and her daughter loved them, and two all the birthday party guests said they were absolutly amazing. Thank God!! Can't wait to make my next order.


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