i just wanna be successful

so those of you that know me you know ive tried dabbling in different things to make somekind of money. i first tried diaper cakes made a bunch posted them no takers ugh. try number two making bags yeah bought tons of patterns uhhh still no sewing machine. attempt number four bow making fun but didnt go far. attempt number five and most recent photography ... ugh outcome not so good fun and something im thinking in minoring in school but really hard to do. wish i could get money from it but like a friend pointed out lots of people are doing it. idk maybe i was dumb for jumping way to fast into something i should have definatly practiced more with but i guess its done i have it for a year so ill try and make the best outta it. attempt number six becoming a mark rep still nada. sigh i just dont wanna feel like i dont contribute financially. i would love to get a job but being thousands of miles away from family and having no friends and daycare being a fucken car payment i cant afford makes it unbelievably hard to get a job. i would love to start school again but even that is hard with two small kids. for now i will try sticking with attempt 2 and 5 i guess wish me luck .....


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