picky eater

watching julia/julie ..or is it the other way around .. makes me wanna try doing the 365 recipes from a book i bought a few years ago. BUT i have a huge picky eater!!! can you guess? nope not my daughter .... my husband! if its not drenched in fat he doesnt like it nor want it. what sucks about that is that im trying to lose all this baby weight and cooking like that is no good for me. plus i dont want my daughter to be unhealthy at such an early age. my daughter eats everything but my husband hates things like tomato. this weekend i will try making this grilled cilantro chicken with tomato and avocado salsa. lol we will see how that goes he hates tomato and avocado, but family is coming so wanna cook for them since i never have. tonight i think i will try toasted bread with butter and the topping ground beef and tomato. stay tuned for the recipe if it turns out good and the response from my husband lol.


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