cloth diaper adventure

so we went cloth. omg yes we did. now that we have started the cloth its had it likes and dislikes. first off no one even explained the whole process to me. when i asked the ones i bought them from how to wash them for the first time they said wash them regular, and now a friend of mine said its better to wash them 6-10 times before initial use. geez that many times what a water bill. so lets see ive been using disposable liners since we switched formulas and baby has been having the poops. once i you get in the groove of cloth diapering i would guess you would enjoy it. im still starting out so im dealing with the frustrations of it and i miss disposable ones for convienence. i would imagine that if you did have to pay for water it would be costly but saves the environment. just read the facts below click the link.

diapers i use: bum genius pocket during the day and disposable at night till i figure out what works for her at night
pros: pretty colors, most like disposables
cons: having a leaking problem but i think i just need to adjust it, bulky
liners: ive been using the disposable liners for kushies on a bg cd
pros: sort of an easier clean up, catches most of the poo
cons: bunches up on babys bum, tears easily, doesnt catch all the poo

diaper sprayer: i use bum genius sprayer
pros: no dunking in the toilet
cons: high pressure sprayer that it splashes on the toilet and floor (gross)

soiled diapers: spray poo diapers with diaper sprayer in toilet or dunk it roll it out , then u must use a spray like bum genius odor remover to kill the bacteria

wipes: i still use disposable wipes for both kiddos.
pros: easy, convienient smells good if using ones with scent
cons: flushing will clog toilet, throwing away with poo will smell
ideas: using cloth wipes with bum genius bum spray or water OR disposable wipes OR flushable wipes with bum genius bum spray

detergent: i use rockin green motley clean
pros: it comes in different "rocks" for certain types of water, in several scents environment friendly
cons: added expense if using say tide for normal clothes

wet bag: i use planet wise
pros: keeps all the soiled diapers in one place
cons: can be pricey

videos that i think might help with your cloth diapering

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hope it all helps a little


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