i've been MIA

wow last post was uh i think in april. wow that was forever ago. i think it was about cloth diapering. update on that i dont cloth anymore. it was a hassle and very messy since baby doesnt have much of a solid poo sometimes due to certain foods. baby is trying to walk but likes throwing herself more than anything. toddler is getting very mouthy expressing her feelings which isnt really a good thing since it comes out as talking back. hubby has been working extreamly hard and we are preparing for deployment #3 coming soon. i've decided to go to baking and pastry school, only problem is that well the kids. child care is crazy expensive and school is almost a full time 7-4 thing. hmm i started a military wife forum and a few facebook pages as well to keep me busy when i get bored. i also have two blogs going to but i think i suck at blogging to tell you the truth. anywho thats all for now. write again later.


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