my mind wandered there

i was browsing around and started looking at Hero On My Arm and i have got to say i want one of their bags so dang bad. anyway i called up my mom asking her if i should try being a sales rep. now i'm a mark rep and have been one for awhile. i just do not sell anything!!! ha so i asked my moms opinion. she told me to get the facts and to remember how hard it is to be a rep like that. then she proceeded to remind me about my baking, ha that is a major bad habit of mine, i stray to different "hobbies" and blah i just lose focus. needless to say i am back on track with my baking. i really want to make a small cake though i just dont want to have to eat it! im trying to lose the weight and i just keep stuffing my face with cake balls and pops.
any taste testers?

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