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hello everyone! well ive updated and made a few changes here and there. i deleted the blmw blog since it kinda made no sence to do it twice. i also deleted my baking blog for now and i may start it again once i actually start my schooling. of course the look of this page is new too. i also run a couple new facebook pages. one is called Anchored Heart which i made for navy wives, fiances and girlfriends. the other is Cooking and Baking Wifeys which is for anyone who loves cooking and or baking, not only that they can share and swap recipes. i still run the blmw forum and blmw facebook page for all military wives. also as soon as i open up more to the whole baking experience by practicing, i will also be accepting orders for cake balls/pops for kawaii mini so keep an eye out. i will be adding a page on here for supporting those of you that want to be advertised with a 125x125 button provided by you. email me if you are interested in being advertised.

what's going on with me? well other than the whole pages forum stuff not much lol. i'm still hoping i'll wake up and i'll be thin again lol but of course that wont happen unless i get my butt up and do something. i'm waiting to start surviving deployment #3 and on top of that wait to see where the navy will be sending us next. i know its a biggy for us because going to school is riding on where and what will be happening. i've decided to go to baking and pastry school excited and nervous about that ha ha. so i can say without hesitation i am stressing about all of that. so basically thats about all that's going on with my life. just waiting on the holidays which is exciting but sad since we wont be going back home for any of them. especially now that uh my "new" car has already gotten a booboo and we are waiting for it to get fixed. sad face.

anywho have a great day!

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