three friends a new mom should have

*I found this post on fabumom*

The Elastic Mommy

I call her this because she snaps right back (both physically and mentally) to her former self so quickly after pregnancy. This mom is in her size two jeans and manolo heels in no time. She usually has the trendiest diaper bag and is already back at the gym. Why you need her: She will remind you that you're not only a new mom, your still a woman. A high heel wearing, pedicure loving woman! This mommy friend always orders a salad, which motivates me to order a salad (instead of that burger I was craving). Lesson she taught me: Even though your a new mom, it's no reason to let yourself go. Your still a woman and you want to look/feel good! Don't lose who you were before becoming "mommy". If you loved wearing high heels and working out, keep doing that (it's okay to make time for yourself). If you're happy with how you look and feel, you will be a better mom and wife. Happy mommy = happy baby.

The Last Minute Mommy

This friend is the one you call for a last minute play-date, walk or trip to Starbucks. She's game for anything. She doesn't need an hour to pack her diaper bag and get the baby ready for an excursian. This mom makes it all look so easy. Some new mother's make trips out with a newborn seem like such hard work. This mommy puts her baby in the bjorn, sling or moby wrap and is good to go! Why you need her: She's a true life saver when you need some adult conversation. Lesson she taught me: Yes, having a newborn is hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun! Get out with your baby, the more you do the easier it will get.

The Super Mommy

Usually this mommy has a child older than yours, but not always. She just might be so well researched and organized that she just seems like she's been doing this forever. She usually has all the newest baby gear and always has everything in her well-organized, super functional diaper bag. Why you need here: This is your go-to friend when you have questions or need a little affirmation. The lesson she taught me: It's okay to ask for help and advice from your friends. It might not always work, but sometimes you just need a sounding board before figuring out what's right for you and your baby.


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