the friendship journey

I've been a part of the military for five years. In those five years ive stumbled upon a few wives that ive become friends with. The history with these five has been bittersweet let me tell you. At one point or another, one if not all were my "best friend(s)" but some crazy issue on top of stupid immaturity turned all of us against each other at one point or another. Now about two years later we have all become more of aquaintences that we all either keep our distance from, dont trust. or just dont want to deal with.

I personally think its hard enough having to deal with the drama the military life provides for ourselves , our husbands and family, that i just dont see the point of why "friends" should cause more.

I can say I've been bummed about how our friendships have gone ... away?? ...and we've all gone our own way, but I have learned from the situations. Either way friendships in the military almost always come and go since if you're lifers you move from station to station, post to post. I will never forget about these girls because not all times were bad, we did have plenty of fun fabulous times.

So now I get to continue my journey meeting new wives and so far i have met a few nice ones.


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