i'm backkkk!!!

OMG!! hey all its literally been forever since my last post! well hi there and i'm back!! so lets see in the last year i have survived our third deployment and it was the most hated one ever. on a good note we will never have to deal with another one ever again. hmm let's see what else is new... we just celebrated another birthday so another year older. i'm still baking and hoping that one day i will be a great success. for now i have lots more to learn.
oh yeah... we have two new additions to our family! no i didnt pop any more kiddos out lol but we bought our little aubree from petsmart and adopted esme from wee companions. that's right we now have guinea pigs! BUT our little aubree has ringworm and is currently back at petsmart getting treated, and we are treating esme here at home as well. we hope that in 3-4 weeks we will have healthy guinea pigs back.
so now that i have downloaded the blogger app i will be making more updates more often. till then have a great day!!!


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