mission: time to start preparing for bootcamp. so much to do in such a little amount of time. talk about pressure. so before bootcamp getting yourself in shape is very helpful. i consider myself a level zero lol so im not fit at all. i took to the web and found three workout training plans for what i need to have down. it takes 6 weeks for them all to supposedly do 100 pushups 200 situps and run 1.5 miles. too bad this magically cant happen over a one week period so that i could get MEPS over with next weekend lol. i also need to study for my ASVAB so i can get a good job too. time to refresh this dormant mind of mine.

feelings: well i have been going through a lot of emotions since declaring i will be joining the navy. ive been emotional at the thought of leaving my kids. i think crying will be a big thing that i will want to do when leaving them but i was told NOT to cry in front of anyone! it would be a tad different between my husband and i kinda switching roles. i mean he will still be working, duty that stuff but will be the one on land for a while. i will miss him as well but i've been used to him coming and going due to the navy life. i have also been sort of anxious to do this, like i know this will change me and not only me but my husbands and my relationship. i know it'll make it stronger than it already is because we will understand each other more. i believe that this is yet another step in my life that needs to be taken. i know for a fact im not the same person i was at 19 when i was a new navy wife young and immature. i know that after this i will not be the same twenty some year old i am now either.

i have also tried talking myself out of it you know being a typical me. hubby and parents are trying to keep me encouraged so that i dont back out on it. we all know that this is the best thing to do for myself, my husband and my kids. it will teach me a lot and trust me i know none of you know me but i need to learn what they teach. in the meantime there is so much to do and i need to get to it!

help keep me motivated here 

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